Twenty twenty-four has a certain ring to it, one that rolls easily off the tongue as we enter a new year.  It sounds like a promise of a good, solid year.  But life can be volatile and unpredictable.  Let us hope for continued economic prosperity and democracy, a healthy planet, and a more just and peaceful world.

To celebrate the New Year, I hung out last week with family in our national Capitol, Washington, DC.   My grandson, 19-months old, woke up each morning in the next room, chattering to himself.  A sleeping cat occasionally shared the bed with me, but leaped out the second she heard food being prepared.  As an older cat, she has been on a health and weight lost diet, and has no patience when it comes to waiting for breakfast.  A second, younger cat, a more recent rescue, was mostly invisible, but she did start to warm up to me just a bit.

Each day brought laughter and joy, a by-product of being with a toddler.  Playing with toys, especially toy trucks, is his major pastime, surpassing even the playground.  Scooting along on a tiny tricycle is also a favorite, up and down alleyways and hallways.

A visit to Enchant Washington DC did much for lighting up the holiday season. Nationals’ Stadium was transformed into a winter delight.  Lighted trees, fences, animals, sleds and more were all part of a maze on the main field.   A circular ice rink was a big attraction.  Vendors sold merchandise, food and drinks, the thousands of lights resembling a European night market. 

We were joined on this excursion by my niece and her family, including my two little great nieces, ages 4 and 18 months.  The children all were definitely enchanted, by the giant lighted animals in the maze, and delicious hot chocolate.  A large, multi-colored checked platform provided a place to run and dance, with each square sounding a musical note.  We did not cover all of the available activities and entertainment, but in all, it was a magical evening.

There was no snow during my visit, but it might be coming.  The temperatures are dropping and there is precipitation in the air.   I am now back home in California, a little sad to not have seen snow, and missing family.  Perhaps a new visit to the East Coast is in order in the near future.  But in the meantime, as always, it also is good to be home.

Wishing everyone a very good New Year.

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