writing01Dear Readers:

It is a new year and while snail mail is being delivered a little more slowly than in the previous year, my mailbox nonetheless has been filled with cards and notes over the past month (more on that in the next post).

Please check out some past posts to see recently updated reader’s reactions and comments, including “How the MTST Changed My Life,” “Letters in the New Year” and “Winter Mailbox.” The following email was sent in response to the post “Winter Mailbox.” It addresses the deluge of mail we receive throughout the fall, including holiday catalogs and election-related junk mail:

Hi Marcia,

A good way to remove one’s name from mailing lists is to use: www.catalogchoice.com.  Not every organization/company is in their database.  I use it not only for catalogs, but organizations and many other unsolicited mailings.

If the organization has the option, I have changed my yearly donations into monthly giving. It’s amazing how it’s reduced the amount of mail. Yes, I may get the Annual Fund drive letter, but that’s it. It’s easier on the pocketbook and also, I’m not confronted with the task of making a donation before the year-end to meet the Dec 31 tax deduction deadline.

Cecile, San Francisco, November 21




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  1. What a great idea. It seems we receive ten mailings each day asking for donations.

    Some charities now mail eleven cents to me instead of the traditional penny or two.

    Thanks for the advice Cecile.

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