Readers may have noticed that as of the New Year, Social Correspondence has a new look.  Going into year five, it was time to make some updates to improve both functionality and readability.

First, sincere thanks to Sara of JuicyDesign.  JuicyDesign created the original Social Correspondence site, and thanks to Sara’s web design expertise, the theme (or template) is now updated.  Sara is a dream to work with, should you be contemplating creating your own site.

Among the changes: the site is now configured for clearer viewing on your smart phone or tablet as well as on the computer screen; the font has changed to become more readable; and the back of house functionality for posting is vastly improved. Your comments are now more visible, and will appear directly below the original post, eliminating the need to click to another screen to view reader comments. Hopefully, this will create further dialogue and interaction.

Another improvement is that Social Correspondence has migrated to a new email notification service. I apologize for the glitches over the past year that made it impossible for new readers to subscribe and reduced the email notification of postings to a hit and miss proposition.

Subscribing to the site is now easier than ever. If you are not already a subscriber, signing up is easy. Just go to the Subscribe box in the right column and sign up with your email address.   And if for any reason you no longer wish to receive notifications, there is also an Unsubscribe link at the bottom of the page.

In addition to the online comments box and email address, Social Correspondence now also has a post office box. Is this wishful thinking? I hope not! Show your letter writing skills and send me a letter at P.O. Box 31082, San Francisco, CA 94131-0082.

Whatever your comfort level with letter writing, commenting, or contributing your own post, I want to hear from you.

Welcome to a new year and a new look for Social Correspondence!


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