IMG_0311Dear Readers,

As always, I enjoy and appreciate receiving your comments and letters. The following are excerpts from letters received about the post “Wedding Etiquette,” See also comments posted on the site.

“Happy mother of the bride!”


Just read your posting and enjoyed very much!  As for timelines, I’m happy to receive a thank you anytime!  I know manners have changed dramatically in the past decade or so, and I’ll accept any form of thank you!  Although with my limited experience, because my kids or their friends don’t tend to get married, it seems when it comes, the thank you is still in the form of a handwritten card.  There’s still hope.

Bonnee and Michael, San Francisco, CA


…really enjoyed your latest blog on Emily Post et al–fun!  I trust that the wedding went off without a hitch and that YOU had time to enjoy your role as mother-of-the-bride.

Jean (writing from Singapore), Sarasota, FL


What a lovely way to report that the wedding was wonderful and you were a happy mother of the bride!! I am so glad to hear that. Plus the post was delightful. (And I learned something about thank yous!)

Francine, New York City


What fun to read about your family’s journey through wedding preparations.  Congratulations to you and best wishes to the bride. It sounds as if it was a wonderful trip and that you had as much fun as Joe and I did for the weddings for our daughters.
Again, all the best to all of you!
Cecile, San Francisco

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